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PERHA group is a boutique Human Resources consulting firm offering its services within a wide scope of HR. Since 2014 operating in Cyprus.

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The founder of PERHA is Mrs. Marianna Hadjiandoniou. She has more than 19 years of HR experience from multinationals as well as SMEs and covering various industries.

How We Contribute

We offer premium HR Consulting services embracing all aspects of the employee life cycle. Your strategic business plan and objectives will serve as the base when agreeing on HR areas to emphasise in the pursuit of increased employee engagement and organisational performance.

During my employment in Parimatch as Group HR Director we managed to win the below awards:



Our Services

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The most successful organisations tend to be innovative, creative and agile. An HR Strategy is the enabler of these critical elements within an organisation.


HR Strategy

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From attracting top talent to accurately forecasting future staffing needs or improving employee satisfaction, HR analytics tools empower organisations to align HR metrics with strategic business goals.


HR Analytics

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Expand the capacity of your team’s members to perform in leadership roles within organizations.


Leadership Development

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One of the biggest challenges for organisations today is the competency management when adapting to changing market demands.


Organisational Development

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Do you have high ambitions for what HR should deliver but find yourself with a resource constraint or with an HR competency gap?


HR Manager on Demand

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Enhance work performance, self-directed learning, and personal and professional growth of HR managers.


HR Coaching

We help take your small business to the next level. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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